Social Anxiety Made Me Do It

Have you ever done something due to social anxiety that in the moment seemed reasonable, but then afterwards you look back at it and thought "well, that was silly" ?

Well I sure have! and I know a lot of others have too.

I made a list of all the things that myself and 2 of my closest companions could remember doing because of our social anxiety. I have to say it was pretty entertaining to look back and see what non-sense we would go through just to avoid a social interaction.

If you've ever had social anxiety, I bet you will relate to a lot on this list.... enjoy!

  • Pretend to be on a phone call in a public setting

  • Going to the washroom when you don’t actually need to go

  • Hiding in the washroom at work to avoid attending a group meeting

  • Making up plans to avoid going to an event/gathering

  • Faking sick to get out of plans

  • Pretend your phone is ringing to leave a in person conversation

  • Fake texting someone to avoid in person conversation

  • Look the other way when passing someone you know

  • Changing direction to avoid passing someone you know

  • Focusing on working while everyone else is taking a break

  • Eating lunch at a desk instead of the lunchroom to avoid interaction

  • While grocery shopping, reading the packaging in depth just to avoid eye contact with anyone passing by

  • Avoid going down a grocery isle that I need just to avoid the traffic

  • Always wearing headphones on transit even if I wasn’t listening to anything

  • Avoided booking an important appointment because I needed to call and they didn’t have a website

  • Hiding in the library to avoid having to socialize with classmates

  • Getting takeout or drive-thru instead of eating in a restaurant


Now that I have found ways to cope with my social anxiety, I don't often find myself in these types of situations anymore. But looking back at them sure has made me realize how far I've come.

If you are known to have social anxiety - take a look back at your experiences, write them down and read through them to see how you could find coping mechanisms for each. This is a good start to find what triggers your social anxiety and how to manage it.....

...or just read through them and laugh at yourself!

To read more about Social Anxiety & ways to cope, check out my blog called Living With Social Anxiety

Let me know if you have any social anxiety stories in the comments below!