50 Ways to Fight Boredom & Anxiety during a Pandemic

Running out of things to do at home? Do you find yourself more bored than not? Well take a look at this fun list I have created from my own personal experiences through the last year

  1. Adult paint by numbers - if you don't have patience, this will for sure teach you some

  2. Start a blog - this ones my favorite so far

  3. Buy a Nintendo Switch

  4. Buy games for the Nintendo Switch *cough* Animal Crossing *cough*

  5. Grow an avocado tree - good luck....

  6. Buy a fish tank

  7. and a snail - trust me, it’s worth it

  8. Adopt a pet.... you can never go wrong with a new furry or....slimy friend (after carefully considering the commitment, of course)

  9. Do house renovations - since you’re home all the time, you may as well enjoy your surroundings

  10. Organize those drawers - that kitchen always needs some tidying up

  11. YouTube how to play the ukulele

  12. or guitar

  13. or piano

  14. Find new recipes online - DIY books

  15. make those recipes

  16. Create a shared playlist on Spotify and have your close friends and family add to it

  17. Start journaling

  18. Call your loved ones

  19. Write a letter to your future self

  20. Message friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while

  21. Gather old books, magazines, and other crafts around the house to make a Vision Board

  22. Organize your emails, both personal and at work

  23. Go for a drive

  24. Read a new book

  25. Create an online book club with your closest friends

  26. Clean out your closet

  27. donate those closet clothes

  28. Sew those other clothes you have at the back of your closet, you know - those ones with all the holes

  29. Have a sewing party, I bet there’s at least 5 things laying around the house that could use it

  30. Download TikTok

  31. film a TikTok

  32. Clean out your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter friends list - I bet over half of them you haven’t talked to since high school

  33. Start following people of your interest - (blogs, self help pages, affirmation posts etc.)

  34. Download a new game on your phone

  35. Have a bath, put on a face mask, and give yourself a manicure - a little self help never hurt nobody

  36. Paint a room - or the whole house

  37. Buy some plants - nothing more time consuming than watching those bad boys grow day by day

  38. Hang up those pictures you’ve been meaning to for months

  39. Find a new hobby - painting, writing, singing etc.

  40. Have a zoom wine night with the gang

  41. Try Just Dance or Ring Fit Adventure for some fun exercise

  42. Learn how to meditate

  43. Try yoga

  44. Go for a run

  45. Find a new nature spot in your area

  46. go to that nature spot and be in the moment

  47. Write a ”reasons I am grateful“ list, add to it every morning - and read it when you are having those bad days

  48. Try online therapy

  49. Declutter your mind by writing it out in your journal

  50. Read Mental Health blogs

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I hope you enjoy this list as much as I did! There are tons of fun, easy things to do to get your mind off of this crazy world we live in.

Write in the comments below some of the things you have done to cope with boredom & Anxiety during these trying times!